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Our Story


We are a dermopigmentation studio and holistic wellness practice. Our work is meant to enhance your own natural beauty. We want to evoke your truest self - helping you feel beautiful, connected, and simply said: beautifully you.

Our approach to wellness encompasses your mind, body and soul.  We integrate cosmetic semi-permanent tattooing (microblading and micropigmentation) here at the studio for aesthetic enhancement, and we work with music, frequencies and coaching for mind and body wellness, as well as creative expression and body treatment referrals for those who desire a more complete treatment for their personal wellbeing. 

Our master artist and founder, Paula Andrea, has always had a deep passion for connection and beauty. She has used art as her launching pad for connection for years creating methods and spaces that allow people to really appreciate the wholeness of their being. She co-founded My Sacred Aura, a spa & wellness center in Bogotá, Colombia and now she's bringing her favorite treatments right here, to Miami. She comes with the intention of cultivating a space of collective appreciation by enhancing the beauty we have, aiding to evoke deep appreciation within you to really connect with who you are. 

Evoke Ink Microblading Miami
Evoke Ink Permanent Makeup Miami Brickell Office
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